The list of top tourist attractions to include in your Nepal Tour Package!

Bordered by India and China, Nepal is a beautiful country underlying the edge of famous Himalayas. Nepal is rich in ancient and Historical tourist attractions along with the adventurous eight of ten highest peaks in the world.

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Nepal is home to many rich Hindu and Buddhist Temples thousands of years old. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has the biggest of all these famous Hindu and Buddhist Temples.  The other locations include Bhaktapur, Lumbini, and Muktinath.

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The main locations to visit in Nepal are:

  • Kathmandu, the capital and largest city of Nepal is situated in a valley famous for many Buddhist Temples. Durbar Square is one of the examples.
  • Nagarkot is yet another popular tourist spot in Nepal mostly known for the Panorama peak and Mount Everest can be best viewed from Nagarkot.
  • Lumbini is the pilgrimage tourist site and is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. This city has the remains of many ancient Stupas and Monasteries.
  • Annapurna is another favorite spot for climbers connecting series of peaks located in the western Himalayas of Nepal.

Most of these places are included in your Nepal Tour Package by the travel agents with Bus and Car hire services.


Heartland of India – Uttar Pradesh

Get the best travel experience in Uttar Pradesh!

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Uttar Pradesh provides the best experience of travel. It has widespread diversity with Hindu, Buddhism, Jainism and Islamic cultural and spiritual traditions. Uttar Pradesh has seen a large growth in tourism and it has well contributed for the growth of Gorakhpur travel agents providing the tour package services.

Taj Mahal, Agra fort, Khas Mahal, Panch Mahal, Musamman Burj, Jama Masjid being the top most priority along with the religious capital city Varanasi,  Uttar Pradesh has other places to travel to Triveni Sangam, Allahabad Museum, Allahabad Fort, Jawahar Planetarium and Anand Bhavan in Allahabad.

Kanpur Garden, Radha Krishna Temple, Allen forest Zoo and Jain Glass temple are the best to visit in Kanpur.

Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, Dwarkadhish Temple, Radha Kund, Kans Qila, Mathura Museum and Govardhan Hill are major spots in Mathura.

Panch Mahal, Lotus Throne, Buland Darwaza and Diwan -i- Khas in Fatehpur Sikri.

Kanak Bhawan, Treta ke Thakur, Ramkot, Hanuman Garhi, Moti mahal and Gulab Bari in the ancient city Ayodhya.

Vrindavan, Jhansi, Kushinagar, Sarnath and Gorakhpur famous for its Gorakhnath Temple are some other places to visit in Uttar Pradesh.

Due to the increasing number of visitors to these places the various travel agents and travel agencies are providing various packages for Uttar Pradesh, North India and also to the Nepal tour package.